[Staff] Sad. a posted May 5, 13
As you have heard, the server died. (See lilk's post below.)  However, this does not mean you must stop playing Minecraft. I know a friend, coolmatt30, who has started his own server and is looking for people to join. So, I recommend his server. He is also getting custom plugins created for it, so it should be a lot of fun. Matt's IP is, connect and tell him Sad and lilk sent you. Hope to see you guys there.
YepImRobbie Join:
HowWeDew the server that i posted down ther i am now Moderaton on! =) hope to c u guys on ps: BIG you are never on ur server =/
M1NN1N9M4N people, please join me and help me build a town on, its a great server with heaps of cool plugins li...
I hate to say this but the server is done. Somehow Linux got erased off of my hard drive and I lost everything. If I brought the server back, it would be months of work to do everything all over again. I deeply apologize to all the donators. Your money kept the server going and I feel terrible that you pretty much wasted your money on the server now that it won't be up anymore. If you would still like to talk to me, my skype is lilkandeekid. I will mostly be playing league of legends so if you play that add me at hipstr69. Again I am deeply sorry and I was proud to be the owner of this server where you all played on. You were all amazing members and I hope you find a nice server to play on. I suggest The owner is amazing and a lot of our stuff was based off of there server.
darthvators007 Very sad that the server has been deleted .. Fun times on that server, I hope that you all can find a good server I am ...
menonmoon YOUR TELLING ME THAT I WASTED $50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...


[Staff] lilkandeekid a posted May 4, 13
Hey staff, we have a problem. When you see this, go on skype.
[Staff] Sad. a ugh. fine. I will submit to your demands.
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